Whitehall Revisited and A New Song


This afternoon I went to Whitehall garden centre. I wanted to have a look at the toy section because they often have unusual toys there and I wanted something for my eldest daughter, Grace, who turns 8 next week. I also was looking for a couple of items for the garden that I had seen on sale last year.

I have to admit that it was strange going there. I’ve not been to Whitehall since November 2015 – a visit which holds sad memories for me. But it is a lovely place to visit on a beautiful day. I did not manage to find the items I was looking for but it was worth going anyway, even if only to exorcise demons.

At around lunchtime I pretty much finished writing the music for my first complete song in 20+ years. Half of the lyrics are completed. But so far I am very very happy with the song. I have never written a piece that has moved me so much.

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