What’s In A Title?


I’ve written 4 songs in the last year, only one of which is currently finished. That song is called “Miles Apart” and it was a title that came at the time of writing and makes perfect sense to me. It has deeper meaning than first appears although anyone will understand the title – it’s a universal sentiment to miss someone when far apart. Both physically and emotionally.

The other songs, though, I’m toying with their titles. One at the moment is simply called “Tired” but that will not be its final name. I can think of something better, and I will. “Tired” doesn’t cut it – too generic. It’s not about being tired – but at the moment as a working title it will have to do.

Another song has a title which could go either way. I have two possibles, around the same theme. That song I will have to think about for a bit longer. It has been half produced – but there’s a fair bit of playing around to do with it yet. So no clues about the title just yet!

The final and most recently composed song has a title and was born with it and it will not change. It will be called “And Yet I Loved You Still”.

One day these will be finished. I look forward to letting people hear them. But, quite frankly, I don’t mind if nobody likes them because I like them. Writing them has been something of a cathartic exercise. They are all ‘love’ songs, although parts of them have a darker bent to them. That is as it should be because they have come from a part of me that has been broken. This is my way of fixing myself. That sounds a little bit arty farty, but screw it, it’s true.

I will write on a different subject soon. I feel like I am ready to move on lyrically and musically, to a different subject. Once these songs are produced I intend to package them up as a single release of 3 songs. I will choose the best of the four. The release (three individual songs) will probably go under the title “Caveat Emptor” which is a title I have had in my mind since the 90s. It is latin and means “Let the buyer beware”. Which is another way of saying be careful what you wish for – at least that is the context in which I mean it.

But then, in matters of love and war, it is caveat emptor: Let the buyer watch out.

Butler, Gwendoline COFFIN IN FASHION

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