The Benefits of Jujitsu #2: Camaraderie


When you first walk into the dojo you will not know most of your fellow Jujitsu practitioners. Maybe one or two people at the most.

These strangers will have come from many different walks of life. Perhaps some will be new, just like you. Others will be tempered, experienced, and highly skilled. They will know their way around the mats, whereas you will not not even be able to tie your own belt. Each will have a different reason for taking up the venerable art of Jujitsu. Some of the new ones will try it out for a couple of weeks, never to return. Some will endure, with every intention of reaching their initial goal of 1st Dan. Others will be the ever presents – the ones who you can almost guarantee will be at every lesson.

But a respect and a feeling of camaraderie will begin to develop from that very first lesson.

If you stick it out, you will develop a strong and ever present sense of camaraderie with your training partners. Pulling on the same Gi is like pinning on a badge of identity, like showing that you are part of the same Jujitsu family. The Gi provides you with common ground, and a feeling that you are all in this together.

You will take knocks and receive many bruises. You may shed blood, stretch tired limbs, break the odd bone. You will definitely sweat. But your training partners will be on hand every step of the way. They will pick you up when you fall down, both literally and figuratively.
And you will do the same for them.

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