The Benefits of Jujitsu #1: Confidence

1. Confidence

Confidence rises in many areas as you practice Jujitsu. In fact, the more you practice, the greater the confidence. This confidence is the result of a gain in self trust – trust of technique; physical strength; endurance; and mentality.
By practicing responses to various combat situations, and observing the effectiveness of your response, you can have confidence that the technique will work when needed. This is not to say that getting a wrist lock on your opponent will be easy. However, if your technique is good, once you do apply the lock you know it will have the desired effect.
Physical strength:
Concerning strength, you learn two facts over time. First, your physical strength increases naturally, and second, you realise that you don’t need to be Hercules. Most Jujitsu techniques don’t require brute strength. You need good technique above all – not steroid boosted muscles. Knowledge of this helps to bolster your confidence.
Try grappling for three minutes. The first time you do this, not only will you probably be tapping out pretty quickly, but you will find that you are exhausted in very short order. It’s hard. But practice enough and your stamina raises, and your technique and knowledge shows you where you can take a mini break. To be able to take a break mid-grapple shows confidence.
Practice aids good technique, which breeds confidence. Overall you gain a better mentality. A good mentality can be defined as being aware of your skills: of their pitfalls as well as strengths. Not to be over-confident, so as to become complacent. You’ll become more alert. Any situation where there’s a potential for ‘trouble’ raises your threat level. You’ll be ready when the time comes and you won’t be afraid to use what you know. This mentality is honed through practice and thus confidence.

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