Sentiment Free

I wrote a song a couple of years ago. It is called Miles Apart and it’s a deeply personal song, the writing of which was an exercise in catharsis. At the time it really helped me. Yes, the release of pent up emotions, but also the act of creation. I hadn’t written a song for about 20 years at that time (I’ve since written several more), so, that process, in itself, was a great step for me at that time.

But, in the last few weeks, but particularly this very morning, I’ve found that I can listen to this song and enjoy it for the song it is – that is to say, the sentiment – the emotion that inspired Miles Apart – has gone. I no longer feel that hurt, or the sentiment inside me that made me write the song. For that I am grateful. That feeling no longer holds me back, or ties me to the ground. Awesome!

Happy day, people! 🙂

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