Michelle’s Birthday Meal

On 30th October, Michelle and I went to a Chinese restaurant called Ho Wah to celebrate her 31st birthday (a day early).

Although the restaurant frontage wasn’t overly inviting, once inside there was a lovely feel to the place, akin to being back in the eighties. The decor and the gentle quiet atmosphere mentally transported me to another, less fraught, less rapid era. We got a secluded table for two, and were able to chill out completely. No hassle from the staff (who were courteous, kind and respectful), serene ambience, good food.

I’m not a regular Chinese food eater –  it’s not my favourite type of cuisine – but this meal was mighty fine! Below is a picture of my starter.

Michelle ate her usual Chinese extravaganza – Beef Chow Mein, although she couldn’t polish it all off. All in all a fabulous place to eat and a relaxed evening.

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