Living Arrangements

A couple of weeks ago I finally found a property to buy!

After looking since early February, and an often frustrating search, I discovered a property almost on a whim. I must have looked at over 25 properties. In that time I only came across 1 house that I put an offer in on (back in April/May time), but my offer was turned down even though it was for the full asking price (turns out that they had another offer that same day at more or less the same time, that was accepted).

At the same time I had half an eye on another property but felt the price was too high (and it wasn’t necessarily what I wanted), but over the months the price kept falling until it got to a point where I thought that I might as well go and take a look. I was glad I did. I liked what I saw and that same day I put an offer in. The following day, after a bit of back and forth negotiation, a price was agreed.

All things are in place (mortgage, conveyancing etc.), and now it’s a case of waiting for things to happen. The plan is to move sometime in the first two weeks of January 2018.

My children and I are excited. Hopefully the move will herald a good 2018 🙂

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