It’s Been A While


Hi reader! It’s been a while – I apologise to those of you who may actually read my thoughts on this here blog thingy. Been busy living.

I’ve spent a good amount of that ‘living’ time working on music, as well as digging out some of my old stuff. I rooted around in my garage and found a box of 20 year old papers and cassette tapes. This discovery was fantastic and afforded me a very fruitful trip down memory lane. So much good stuff that I can use in my current songwriting projects. Half written songs that I had completely forgotten that I had ever recorded, sheets of paper with scribbled lyrics and chord progressions, and lots more. I was very excited to go through all of this and to start the process of digitising it all.

In my last post I referred to some newer songs that I had written. Well, they are still on the go. Although I have definitely decided on the title of one of them.

So here are the songs again, but the second in the list now has a title!

“Miles Apart” – written in March/April 2016

Hot Diamonds On eBay” – January 2017

“Tired” (working title) – February 2017

“And Yet I Loved You Still” – February 2017

“Wish You Well” – March 2017


“Wish You Well” is still in its very early stages. Recording of all the other songs will take some time. I have started the process of recording and producing “Tired” (working title) and it is sounding pretty good.

More soon…ish 🙂

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