Is Our Sporting Moon Blue?

There was a time when British sporting success seemed to be those ‘once in a blue Moon’ events. Today, as a veteran sports nut, I find myself wondering: is there a blue Moon over Australia? I’m finding it hard to take in the fact that we Brits, for so long the under achievers of world tennis (if not the laughing stock), have 2 lady tennis players in the 3rd round of the Australian Open.

That’s brilliant to consider. It seems that we Brits are experiencing an Indian summer. The joy of the Olympics has not waned. Its effects are still to be felt at this moment, particularly on those sparkling azure courts of Melbourne Park.
Who’d have thought it?
The summer of 2012, where sport came to London, and London came to sport, was an awe-inspiring spectacle, filled with daily wonder at all the athletes, not just those wearing the spangly little Stella McCartney designed outfits, either. The world came to play, and just as the carnival will be in full swing in Brazil 2016, the carnival of London seems to have never ended.
That continuing carnival included Andy Murray winning an epic US Open final to finally smash the hoodoo that has dogged British men’s tennis for as long as most can remember.
I’ll say it again. Is the moon blue? It would seem so – as blue as those pristine Australian tennis courts. To describe our success as fleeting, though, is perhaps a little disparaging towards our sporting achievers. Maybe we shouldn’t be expecting our sporting success to be a one off event. Maybe, now, we should stop looking for blue moons and glorious Indian summers. Maybe, this time, our success will be sustained.
It remains to be seen whether this glorious extension of Olympic achievement and fervour can endure, but for now, let’s not begrudge ourselves this post blue-moon Indian summer.

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