Happier dreams etc.

I had dreams last night. I don’t remember them clearly but I do know they didn’t involve betrayal or the woman from the previous night’s dreams. So, a much better feeling this morning.

I have been seeing reviews of the a-ha gig which took place at the O2 on Saturday night. I was supposed to be going. I purchased 2 tickets, one for myself and one for my significant other at the time, but I couldn’t go. Shame. That’s probably the last chance I’ll ever get to see a-ha perform. But that’s life – you can’t always get what you want. By all accounts it was a great gig.

Just been looking at my notes for 2 Years Of Songs… I have 30 tracks on my list, so still a few more to come! It’s very likely that no one is reading or seeing my posts about these songs, but it doesn’t matter because I am enjoying putting them out there. It’s also given me the chance to find alternate and live versions of some of the tracks, which is a massive bonus.

I’ve also been making some music using my trusty guitar, my voice, and my iMac. So far so good. My two girls particularly enjoyed it when I turned my recorded voice into a high pitched squeal. There’s a setting in GarageBand where you can alter the sound of your voice called Helium Voice. Made me sing like a chipmunk. The girls loved it.

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