Getting Away


There’s a peculiar consequence of going on holiday alone – the fact you are alone is highlighted, almost to an excruciating extent, especially when that holiday was not planned as a solo excursion.

For the first day and a half of my trip to Cornwall all I could think – all I could feel – was that this was weird. Just plain heart-achingly strange. But after that initial period things settled down and that feeling of being out-of-place waned a little and I was able to then enjoy the solitude.

The weather was rubbish for the majority of the break, but that afforded me the chance to get into a really good book. It was an appropriate choice of book, given the unexpected circumstances I found myself in. The book is titled Happy and is written by Derren Brown, the famous magician. It is about happiness, as you might expect, and it delves into what that word actually means, and espouses means and methods of achieving that much pursued state. A large chunk of Happy is focused on the Stoic philosophy (something with which I have a familiarity, having read my share of Stoic tomes). Stoicism, especially as originally intended, and thus described by Derren Brown, is a great and useful philosophy – and the significance of reading this particular book at this particular time wasn’t lost on me. It became a rich and fascinating reminder of things I already knew but had failed to implement.

There was a whole portion of the book which dealt with how happiness is best found within rather than from without. It highlighted the excitement one might feel when about to go on holiday to “get away” from it all, followed by the disappointment felt when arriving and spending time at your chosen destination. The key point being made here, by Derren, is that you can never get away from yourself. You are always there, no matter where you may wander. So, to become happy it is not simply a matter of going somewhere – anywhere – else, it is a matter of nurturing yourself.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Happy. The perfect book for my imperfect holiday.


In other news, I am still concocting songs. I have 5 chosen to go on an initial release that I have now decided to call Tripwire. Regular readers (lol – as if there are any) may remember that I had originally chosen the title Caveat Emptor, but I have changed my mind. Cover artwork is completed for Tripwire, and it is now a case of finishing producing the songs.

The songs for Tripwire are as follows:

  • Tripwire
  • Miles Apart
  • And Yet I Loved You Still
  • Laura X
  • When

On top of that I have started writing a couple of new songs (although, to be honest, I never really stop). They are called “Never Lose Again” and “You Don’t Have To Tell Me”. The former song is based on recent months of my life and is a happy little song. The latter is based on lyrics I started writing over 20 years ago, and has been added to recently – so, a hybrid of thoughts from 2 different decades. A young Glenn and an older Glenn.

I know it’s been a long time, but I hope to have Tripwire sorted in the next couple of months. And then the other songs, not long after that. We’ll see.

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