Get Off or Stay On?

Every day I feel different. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes positive, sometimes soul crushing negativity. To steal from Ronan Keating “Life is a rollercoaster…” Sometimes I just want to get off the rollercoaster. It’s too sickening to ride the Nemesis called Life every day. Every damn day.

What else?

But what else is there to do but ride life? Yes, you can get off any time by suicide, or even be forcibly ejected by accident of death. But other than those drastic measures or random events, what are the alternatives?

It seems to me that there are only two options. One, as I’ve just stated, is death, whether by your own hand or not. To be clear: that is no option at all. Not a good choice.

The other option is to stay on the ride… but to change how you look at it. Change your perspective.

Get on and ride…

What you can do is ride life. Really ride it. Think of it as a bucking bronco, not a rollercoaster. Full of energy and danger and excitement and laughter. Occasionally you’ll fall off, get a bruise, but you need to get back up on that bucking bronco.

For this hour at least, my conclusion is this:

Ride life like you mean it!

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