Freedom 2018


It’s been a long road, pitted with strange detours and Everest like challenges, moments of joy and moments of inexplicable madness. Relationships and heartaches and deaths – the lowest of the lows mixed with periods of great elation. But… this last week or so I have finally felt free. Free, I tells ye! 🙂

The difficult times (and the good, which we so often hold on to, as much as the bad) of the last four and a half years have been resolved in my mind. The challenges faced, some of which I failed and some of which I passed, have become a part of my history. There were lessons to be learned, and whether I’ve learned anything long-lasting or not remains to be discovered. But I’ve learned not to hold on to the past. I’m ready – not for the future – but for now. Right now.

That’s not to say I think life’s difficulties are over. Far from it. They aren’t. I simply mean that I’m in a better place to deal with them as they pop up. They will appear but I will deal with them as best as I can, without self-admonishment, and move on.

I take responsibility for me and my life. I won’t say I’m looking forward to my future because I’m not looking that far ahead. I’m only looking at now. Right now is where it’s at. Right now is where I need to be. Right here and right now is the only place there ever is.

I choose to live here and now, and not in the past.

Have a great day one and all 🙂

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