In January I moved into my new flat. I love it.

The flat is larger in area than my old rented 2 bed semi. Yes, there’s no garden, but it’s very close to the park, which my children love.

No garage, obviously, but that is a bonus because I was able to get rid of a huge load of shit from my last place and move in with the minimum amount I needed. It was very refreshing to get rid of junk, and even some non-junk that I knew I’d never use, need or want ever again. So it all went.

No stairs – which, for me, is a huge plus because my eldest has epilepsy (or more accurately “absences”). It means I don’t need a stair gate on her door anymore, and she can wander around without me worrying about her tumbling down a flight of stairs. It brings great peace of mind.

I have a balcony, which gives me a bit of outside space. It’s quite pleasant sitting out there watching the birds and listening to the river gurgle away. And, if I want a bit more, then I can enjoy the park.

It’s not perfect – for instance some of the birds that live near the river seem to like crapping all over everybody’s cars in our car park! But that’s pretty much the only annoyance. I’ll take that. Nowhere would be perfect.

I’m very happy living in my flat 🙂

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