Favourite Tracks: Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

Hello (Turn Your Radio On)
by Shakespears Sister

Hello (Turn Your Radio On) released in November 1992, is taken from Shakespears Sister’s second album, Hormonally Yours.

A song of unusual prescience, which seems to predict modern day social isolation, and the rise of social media – where one can barely subsist as a sad and lonely individual, but be connected to a world of people on the most superficial of levels.

Gonna have to reach my friends to find out how I feel.

This superficiality is now surrogate for real life. Facebook has become the new ‘garden fence’ gossiping platform. Who needs to get out anymore? It’s become more fashionable to be ‘Liked’ on Facebook, than liked in real life…

And this line, the coda to the chorus, the saddest line of the whole song:

La, la, la, life is a strange thing
Just when you think you learned how to use it
It’s gone

Life is a strange thing indeed. And then it’s gone. We’re wasting our times, people. To quote Johnny Vaughan: It’s later than you think. Conclusion…? Turn your radio off and get out more.

Best part

At 2.35 when the guitar solo swoops in to elevate an already great song. Cue 40 seconds of soaring and spine-tingling guitar work, before the expected (though no less thrilling) crescendo, leading to another chorus. Not overwrought or showy, perfectly in sync with the song’s mood. This is how you do a guitar solo.

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