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I work for a company called dentons directories who are based in Westbury, Wiltshire. At dentons I’m currently Production Manager, which means I oversee a small team of people who are involved in pretty much everything to do with producing a telephone directory – all apart from selling advertising space.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the job is having an input over which photo is featured on the cover of each directory. Each dentons has a unique and striking image featured on its cover. Many are unexpected and unusual and, when first unveiled, can elicit strong reactions, both for and against, even amongst dentons’ own staff. This is good. Better a strong pro or con reaction rather than an insipid ‘so what?’

Every once in a while we will decide to use a snap that I have taken. Last year’s Westbury edition is one such example:

Westbury 2015 dentons cover – featuring my photo.

It’s always a pleasure to see the new covers coming out. Photos in colour are so much more vibrant and impactful when compared with our previous efforts. And the fact that every year a different image is selected means that each edition of each directory is fresh and distinctive to look at. It’s a good feeling to have a hand in shaping the internals and externals of each directory. And even better when it’s one of your own photos.

Soon, our Chippenham edition will feature another of my photographs. I’ll post it here in June, after the directory has been published.

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