Another Song


On Monday evening I was messing around with my guitar and another song appeared.

It seems the songs I’m writing at the moment are all about the same subject – love and heartbreak – which isn’t a surprise because a lot of songs generally are about that.

I now have four songs in the pipeline. The first, “Miles Apart”, is finished and ready to be put out there for all to listen to once the other three are done. The other three, which have provisional titles at the moment (so I shan’t reveal them just yet), all have a similar subject matter and emotional inclination. I guess these songs are my way of trying to overcome the recent challenges in my life, going back to the end of last year.¬†Hopefully, when you (if there’s anybody there?) hear the songs you will like them, but even if nobody likes them it doesn’t matter because these songs have kept me going, these songs have taken my mind off of the troubles, these songs have been cathartic. There’s still a long way to go, but music – along with my children – is my salve.

Photo by RecycledStarDust

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