A few weeks

These last few weeks have been trying.

Week before last mum had another heart attack – luckily this took place while she was on a visit to see a specialist at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. She had the attack before she’d even had the scheduled appointment. If you’re going to have a heart attack the best place would be where she had it – surrounded by doctors. Thankfully mum is back home now, after undergoing various treatments, one of which was an angiogram. A second stent was inserted, as well as the first one “re-inflated” – apparently it had become furred.

On top of that, since Sunday evening I have had the pleasure of having my youngest daughter, Billie, staying with me. This, though, is because Grace, my eldest, is in a Surrey hospital undergoing extensive testing to do with her epilepsy. Apparently things are going well, though Grace has had a lot of seizures. That, though, I am looking on as a positive thing because it means the specialists will get a clearer idea of what is going on inside poor little Grace’s brain. The up side of this is having Billie stay with me for a few days. She has been lovely. Getting her up and ready for school – with her looking adorable in her uniform. Reading and doing her keywords. Getting to school early so she can be first in the queue (which she takes great pride in). Then it’s off to work for me. I’m taking half days so I can collect her at 3pm. Then I get to spend a few hours with her before bed time. It’s been lovely. It means I miss out on going to the gym this week until Wednesday evening, which I do miss, having got a taste for it, but it’s a price well worth paying for both Grace and Billie.

I’ve not been well lately, either. A cold has persisted and given me a horrible cough, which has now finally subsided.

Saturday just gone would have been dad’s 62nd birthday. I miss him.

There’s way more to tell than that. Personal life has been non-existent, through choice. (Right now I don’t want anyone else in my life that could screw with me the way the last one did – that will never happen again.) Other events: random number-withheld phone calls, unsolicited e-mails, letters, and estate agent calls.

All in all a mad few weeks. It’s all fun and games!

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