For my dad. A 5 verse poem marking 5 years since his death.

Lost time is the crime
It was taken, us forsaken
No opine or a rhyme
Can I make and you awaken

5 years hence and no sense
In the least to why life ceased
No defence for times past tense
Rest in peace, my dad released

That I miss you is not at issue
But I’m glad you’re not still sad
I say this, too, that I wish you
Could daily add to times we had

5 full years, never no tears
Nor any day, you don’t hold sway
Each new year, you’re still here
In DNA, til my last day.

I can’t revive what’s not alive
But you knew, what’s always true
Though deprived, however I strive
I loved you, dad, and I love you, too

For William Head

19/3/1954 – 5/2/2009

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