2016 non-resolutions…

These aren’t resolutions – I don’t believe it’s wise to put extra pressure on oneself. But these are things that I will attempt to do more of, and that I know will be good for me to practice during 2016 and beyond.

Exercise and diet
I want to lose a little weight, tone up and get fit.

I’ve written two thirds of a novel… in fact I wrote the last of those 65,000 words at least 3 years ago, and then stopped for no good or obvious reason! I will dust off the novel and finish it this year. And I have ideas for more books after that. I will also polish and publish more of my older short stories. I may even pick a couple and record them as audio files, for listening to on this very blog.

This includes making music on top of going to see bands. And simply listening to a lot more music, day to day, which is something I have really neglected to do since the year 2000.

Probably the most important activity of all. Learn to find inner peace of mind is the single most important goal of the year. All the above, in their own way, contribute to this one goal. To be at peace with myself. Mindfulness and awareness of my inner life will help hugely in finding that peace. To that end, I am currently reading and digesting The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler.

And so it begins…

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