2 Years of Songs: Nos 5 & 6 – “Make It Soon” and “A Fine Blue Line”

“A Fine Blue Line” and “Make It Soon”

Analogue, A-ha
A-ha’s Analogue was the one CD I had left in the car – in the slot ever since the first day I sat behind the wheel. And for those times where I didn’t have my iPhone connected, nor fancied the radio, I played this beauty. I’m a big fan of a-ha and I think that Analogue is one of their better albums. A grower if ever there was one.
There were a couple of tracks, amongst many, which stood out during this 2 year period. Don’t get me wrong, there are better songs on Analogue (Birthright, Holy Ground, Cosy Prisons, to name three), but they had already become a-ha classics in my mind. But we are talking about a snapshot in time here – a 2 year period where these 2 songs took their place in my subconscious. Truth be told I was happy to have these songs nestled in my mind.

“A Fine Blue Line” – this track has such meaning to me. Even more so, now, than during the last 2 years:

Take a look and see
What’s become of me
Remember how it used to be

And some more lyrics here, so relevant, so hurtful, yet so right:

Well, time rushes on ahead, enough said
That’s just the way we blew it
Time marches on ahead, one day you’ll see it
Love is a fine blue line

And “Make It Soon” – another particularly relevant track. This couplet sums up many many moments from the last 2 years:

I watch my love, she’s sleeping
The air around her deepened
Tomorrow she will smile again
Tomorrow she’ll get wild again

These lines speak of the calm before the maelstrom. The peace before the uncertainty, before the storm that often followed.

Listen for when the guitar kicks in (at 1m 54s) with its discordant, hellish sound – that was what was going on in my mind at the time. A project mayhem, a madness, but also a structure and a meaning.

Love both tracks.

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