2 Years of Songs: No 17 – “​If I Ever Loved You”

“​If I Ever Loved You”
What Is Love For, Justin Currie

What Is Love For is a great album awash with great songs. This is one of them. “If I Ever Loved You” was one of the tracks that I instantly liked – many of the other tracks are slow burners but I recognised the brilliance of this song right from the beginning. Beautiful and stunning. And this acoustic version is incredible. Music that can move you to tears is music for the soul. Just… beautiful.

The lyrics are perfect too, like the opening lines:

Baby, I was not the one
I guess you know that now
But I kept you real distracted for a while

And then these words, nearer the end:

Maybe I was not the one but I had to try
And in the end there’s no such thing
As wasted time

I was the interim
Between nothingness and him
So how is that a crime?

Here’s the original piano based track, from the album.

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