2 Years of Songs: No 16 – “​Love Will Come Through”

“Love Will Come Through”
12 Memories, Travis

This is a great track from Travis. Over the past year I listened to this many times, particularly when Apple Music was released. One of the benefits of Siri integration with Apple Music is the ability to say “Play me some Travis” – and off Siri will go, obediently finding and playing me Travis songs. “Love Will Come Through” was one of the many songs which stuck limpet-like in my mind.

There’s something else, though. When I first listened to this song I agreed with its sentiments. Particularly these lyrics:

So take me, don’t leave me
Take me, don’t leave me
Baby, love will come through
It’s just waiting for you

My feelings on love and “romance” have altered since then. I believe that love will not just “come through” anymore. It’s bullshit. One needs to be more proactive to build and establish relationships.
But I still love the song. Just no longer go along with its premise. Maybe one day someone or something will prove me wrong? We’ll see.

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