2 Years of Songs: No 10 – “I’m An Unbeliever”

​”I’m An Unbeliever”
Del Amitri

I absolutely adore this song. From one of my all time favourite bands comes this amazing b-side (to the single “Just Before You Leave”). I’d never even heard of the song before 18 months ago. But when I did, I quickly fell under its spell.

Stand out moment for me is at 2m 43s when the guitars take over, providing an almost angry uplift from the mournful message of the previous verse:

And out of nothing, she materialised

A vision with her wings missing, she opened up my eyes
A mission ready for kissing so the dead could be revived

Cue glorious guitars…

The quoted verse means a lot to me. The rest of the song builds and builds and builds, leading to Justin Currie’s falsetto voice crowning a fantastic song.

Emotive. Spine tingling. Brilliant.

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