The Beginning


What a day of mixed emotions. Two important events in my life happened today.

The first was a very sad, personal event, one I won’t go into on this blog. Only to say that I did what I felt I had to do and at least I know now the outcome and can finally begin to get my head straight. It may take a while. I accepted what I learned with love and kindness towards the person in question. I wish them all the best, especially as this person is going through a very very hard time at the moment.

And part of the ‘getting my head straight’ was the second event. I met a friend who offered me support when he could see I was down. He listened to me and he gave me good advice. What a great experience it was. To finally find a path to peace. To listen to the sage advice of someone who can help me towards that peace of mind. I was deeply touched by his kindness.

Today my life begins again.

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