2 Years of Songs: No 12 – “​What Is Love For?”

“What Is Love For?”
What Is Love For, Justin Currie

What Is Love For is my album of last year, by a country mile. Released in 2007 by Justin Currie – former lead singer of Del Amitri. I didn’t really listen to this album at all when I first discovered it a couple of years back (I hadn’t realised that Justin Currie had produced some solo music), but last year I decided on a whim to play it via Spotify. This time things were different. I got it, completely.

I love the whole album, start to finish – not a single bad song. For me, as perfect an album as there could be.

And the album starts off with this song – a slow, mournful kick to the nads.

Once again, for me, it’s the last lines of the song that say it better than I ever could.

What is love for
What is love for
What do I do with love I can’t use for her any more
Where do I put this beautiful suit, another memoire
What is love for

Indeed, what is love for?

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