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No Surprises

This post is an attempt to help myself. It may come across as rambling and over indulgent. But,...

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A Fight That No One Wins

A year ago today my mother died. When I look back on that day it’s with the overriding memory of feeling bewildered. It’s silly, really, because although Mum had been ill for a very long time, she had worsened in the...

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Living Arrangements

A couple of weeks ago I finally found a property to buy! After looking since early February, and an often frustrating search, I discovered a property almost on a whim. I must have looked at over 25 properties. In that time I...

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Today would have been my mum’s 63rd birthday. It will be a strange day because, although Mum and I were never as close as I would have hoped, I still loved her. I will spend some time today reflecting on her life and how...

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Getting Away

There’s a peculiar consequence of going on holiday alone – the fact you are alone is...

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Olden Times