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Getting Away

There’s a peculiar consequence of going on holiday alone – the fact you are alone is...

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The Beginning

What a day of mixed emotions. Two important events in my life happened today. The first was a very...

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Another Song

On Monday evening I was messing around with my guitar and another song appeared. It seems the...

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DNA test to help Grace

In late March I am going to Bristol to have bloods taken in the hope of helping my eldest daughter, Grace. Doctors have asked for blood samples from me and Grace’s mum, which they will use to perform a ‘deeper’...

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New Car

Forgot to mention – as of last Thursday I have a new car. New as in brand new. A Dacia Sandero Ambiance TCe90. It’s a small car, but has a pretty large boot and is perfect for me and my needs. Hopefully this new car...

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Olden Times